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We are a start-up that proposes a new way to create professional connections in the world of sports: in the palm of your hand on the BeTheNext App. Our mission is to connect athletes to entities, ensuring more opportunities, to they became more persevering and competitive, in addition, we generate business for sports entities.

We work daily to search for the 'next' talents in the sport :) :) :)

Watch the video and understand how BeTheNext can transform your life in sports!

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Know the BeTheNext Team

The BeTheNext concept arose from the experience of Felipe Bueno – the founding partner. An ex volleyball player that in 2004 abandoned his dream to becoming a professional athlete for the common reasons faced by young athletes, but mainly, to not have the opportunity to be discovered.

It was more than 15 years thinking about a way to help athletes not to have that same destiny. On this journey, Felipe met Eduardo Maia, Benjamin Lins, Andrey Wasilewski and Regis Costa. Great professionals of IT, finance and marketing areas. All of them sports lovers, who saw on the concept of BeTheNext a democratic way to innovate on the market.

We are a team passionate about sports and competition, who work daily to develop a technology to discover the ‘next’ idols.


Know Felipe Bueno (the Gaúcho) as a volleyball player and Founding Partner of BeTheNext

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